Project Description


Tentun is a tunneling project that introduces the innovative concept of modifying packet traffic to include completely transparent covert traffic to existing streams of data. Tentun also aims at unifying different tunneling implementations.

Goals and Objectives

Become a Reference Implementation in Tunneling

Many tunneling implementations exist for different protocols. One of Tentun's objectives is to unify these implementations into a single tool. It is also our goal to extend these implementations to include other functionalities such as network-to-network tunneling rather than simply host-to-host.

Security Proof of Concept

Tentun aims at being a proof of concept in current firewall and IDS security. The proof of concept consists in using covert tunnels, that is tunnels using legitimate streams of data, to circumvent firewalls and IDS. The use of covert tunnels instead of a homemade tunneling protocol is all the more powerful, since the covert tunnel is hidden within a stream of legitimate data.

Once complete, this tool should demonstrate that firewalls and IDS need to examine packets in more detail, namely perform more extensive validation and examine nearly all OSI layers of a packet.

Contribution to Internet community

The Tentun project is a contribution to the Internet open source community. All code is placed under the GPL.